Parma, Italy – Ciccio Sultano confirms for the tenth consecutive year, two Michelin Stars at Duomo

Two Michelin stars first fell on my restaurant in 2006. Today, in the year 2016, a decade has passed and the conclusion has been reconfirmed in the city of Parma where the awards ceremony took place.

Each year, as my colleagues can attest, we hold our breath up until the very last minute when the fate of our careers, our restaurants, our visions, and how these visions are communicated and purveyed in turn, is revealed.

The tenth reconfirmation of two Michelin stars arrived today, rewarding the day-to-day work and care that orbits my restaurant and everything around it.

The news is always shared first with Gabriella Cicero, maître of Duomo, who deals with external relations and is the rock of our institution. Then with my sous chef, Marco Corallo, and our junior sous chef, Nicola Zamperetti. This recognition is thanks also to the watchful eye and attentive service employed by Claudio Marrale in the dining room, as well as the sommeliers and all of the team in the dining room and kitchen who embody Duomo: everything in stands for and everything it provides.

Our mantra is to give our guests a good time, let them have fun, proposing a menu that represents our territory with maximum respect for the ingredients.

Today is an important day for our province, because another Michelin star has been assigned: the renewed conquest of Accursio Capraro in Modica, to whom I’d like to extend my most sincere complements.

With each passing minute our jobs become part of a greater chore, that which allows us to represent and shed light on our beloved Sicily, spotlighting a piece of place that deserves daily respect and attention. This is our driving force; the goal to be pursued.