Andy Warhol stopped by I Banchi

The famous Campbell’s soup can – a pop icon – lands on the new menu of I Banchi. It’s there, but it’s not. The label, inspired by Warhol’s tomato soup rendition, works in its reference to the idea of a popular object. And popular by Warhol’s intentions in this piece didn’t mean second or third choice; it meant everything, without distinguishing high from low, costly from costless. Something at your fingertips, immediately satisfying. I Banchi is a popular, informal place, where what matters isn’t what you want, but the fact that you will find whatever you’re looking for uninterruptedly, from 8am to midnight. A single place with many faces, tailor-made for customers of all kinds. I Banchi is bread, pizza, focaccia, salumi, wine, cocktails, organic products, espresso, granite, juices, ice cream – a restaurant, a one-stop shop, a take-away on the fly. An idea of Ciccio Sultano, with the hands and initiative of Peppe Cannistrà.

Ciccio Sultano
a practical mind